Klas-PDT is a novel technology originating from Ulster University introducing a new novel therapy for the treatment of malignant Melanoma.

Our technology offers potential for an effective therapy for malignant melanoma that reduces tumour size with minimal systemic side effects and scarring, at a fraction of the cost of current immune based treatments.

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How Klas-PDT Works?


Our unique compound allows photodynamic therapy (PDT) to be effective against malignant melanoma for the first time, complimenting the current treatment offerings against this deadly cancer.

Prospective Advantages of Klas-PDT

Extend Patents

Our therapy can be used in conjunction with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors (ICIs) and targeted therapies and can therefore be used to extend patents for pharma companies.

Reduced Hospitalisations

A high proportion of patients on ICI become hospitalised due to side effects of the treatment. The introduction of an alternative treatment will reduce hospitalisation numbers.


Alternative Therapy

Klas-PDT can be introduced as an alternative therapy for patients when the ICIs and targeted therapies do not prove to be effective.

Quality of Life

Patients will enjoy a better quality of life with Klas-PDT because they will not experience immune-related side effects that are associated with current treatments.

Cheaper Solution

Klas-PDT is cheaper than ICIs and targeted therapies meaning that it can be accessible to patients in the public health service and those with private healthcare.

No Training Costs

Clinicians do not need to receive additional training to administer Klas-PDT and utilise the technology meaning that no additional training costs are incurred.

Our mission is to revolutionise the treatment of melonoma skin cancer using our patentable Klas-PDT technology.

  • Melanoma is the 5th most common cancer – incidence and mortality continues to grow
  • In 2020, 19,300 new cases were diagnosed in the UK with 325,000 new cases globally
  • Despite representing less than 5% of skin cancers, it accounts for approximately 75% of skin cancer-related death
  • 5-year survival rate is at best 50% for patients diagnosed with stage IV with the introduction of Immunotherapy Checkpoint Inhibition

Meet Our Team


Klas Therapeutics has a team consisting of expert researchers; clinicians and commercialisation consultants, including Dr Rubeta Matin, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Research Lead for Skin Cancer.

Mr Justin Murphy

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Bridgeen Callan

Chief Scientific Officer

Prof John Callan

Chief Technical Officer

Dr Rubeta Matin

Chief Medical Officer

Poullette Rabut Oduor

Early Career Researcher

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Get in touch with the Klas-PDT team to learn more about our project, explore investment opportunities and find out more about our novel technology and treatment.

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